•  Program of pedagogical advisory and accompaniment


Our Consulting Solutions program is a continuous, gradual and effective growth plan in teaching and learning English. It is a service designed to offer planned, contextualized and interactive academic consulting, focused on improving teaching practice and student performance in English as a foreign Language.

General Objective

To advise and coach teachers in the educational field to improve their academic practice, as a result students ascribed to the UDP project will improve their performance as EFL learners.

Specific objectives

  • To promote a culture of pedagogical quality in teachers.
  • To run actions, and to follow up on student´s performance.

Conduct advisory and teaching accompaniment actions that directly optimize student learning.

  • Train teachers through workshops, seminars and online courses that impact the continuous improvement of students.

Actions at schools

  • A consulting teacher is assigned to each center to visit the school every 15 days.
  • Placement tests to determine the English level of students according to the Common European Framework of Reference at the beginning of the school year and at the end.
  • Progress report to the school principal or coordinator.
  • Consulting Program control survey in the month of February.
  • Record of visits.
  • 10 hours workshops with Dayton University faculty on effective ELT strategies.
  • Classroom observation and customized agreements to improve the pedagogical practice.
  • The consulting teacher will model classes.
  • Specialized workshops according to teachers need.
  • Participation in Dayton Academic Day in March.