• Comet

    Michele Guerrini, Izabella Hearn, Lois May, Jane Howes, and Peter Loveday

    Primary, 6 levels, American & British English

Use English to explore new topics and develop skills for working together as a group.



With Comet students use English to learn about the world around them. An introductory unit sets the scene. Then students develop their English through four story-based units and four content-based units that cover science, math, social studies, and language arts.

The series gives young learners:

  • Step-by-step language development
  • Extensive skills practice and recycling
  • Use of English to explore other school subjects
  • Exposure to universal human values
  • The focus of each unit alternates between content and fiction based texts.
  • Themes are introduced by building on prior knowledge and stimulating thinking skills.
  • Activities provide practice of new language and improve comprehension skills.
  • Texts are visually and linguistically scaffolded to aid comprehension and develop confidence.
  • Colorful pages and detailed artwork capture students’ attention.
Comet Online

Multimedia resources to make Comet go


For Teachers at each level

Teacher’s Guide Posters Flashcards Class CD

  • Digital books for interactive whiteboards at every level

  • Multi-level worksheets

  • Word cards

    Delivered through UPD Online


Student Materials

Student resources

For Students at each level
  • Student’s Book
  • Multi-ROM
  • Activity Book