• Prep for Life

    Kim Milne, Jeremy Edgar, Ivor Williams

    Secondary and Middle school, 4 levels, American English

The communicative course that prepares students for higher education and work.

Prep for Life

Prep for Life

Prep for Life reviews what students have previously learned and creates a solid foundation for the next stage in their lives. The course builds general knowledge so that students communicate actively and productively. This is achieved through activities related to different fields of work that help them improve their career prospects and use technological resources effectively.

Provides everything students need, including:

  • Full coverage of the skills needed for effective communication
  • A comprehensive approach to language functions
  • Collaborative and interactive use of technology
  • Development and practice of the four skills
  • Peer and self-evaluation
  • Prep for Life encourages learning through experience. Authentic texts give students the opportunity to read, listen, and respond critically, and to express and defend ideas and opinions.
  • Each unit is organized into three classes: A, B, and C.
    • The A classes present and practice new language and vocabulary in context.
    • The B classes focus on practicing new language and developing reading, listening, and speaking skills.
    • The C classes provide guided skills development related to cultural and cross-curricular themes.
Prep for Life Online

The virtual learning environment that includes:

  • Digital books for interactive whiteboards

  • Test Generator

  • Online Projects

    Delivered through UDP ONLINE


Student Materials

Student resources

For Students at each level
  • Student’s Book
  • Multi–ROM