• Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics™

    Language Arts, GRADES 2–8, American English

Teaches students critical skills for successful writing.

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics™

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics™

The program offers a flexible format and many ways to engage students in learning basic building blocks of the English language. Each level contains five units with ten two-page lessons per unit.

The course provides a foundation for writing skills development:

•Units focus on sentence structure, parts of speech, usage, grammar, and mechanics
•Lessons provide examples, information, practice, application, and reinforcement of each skill
•Instruction takes around 15 minutes per day

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics™ is flexible, and the uncomplicated five-part lesson structure makes it easy to integrate into a variety of classroom settings with self-guided instruction and practice.

Use the course to:

  • Supplement a traditional basal reading program with intensive grammar instruction and practice.
  • Incorporate systematic grammar, usage, and mechanics into a Writing Workshop approach.
  • Provide targeted support to struggling learners in language centers.
  • Give students extra practice to prepare for high-stakes assessments.
Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Components
  • Student Editions: Include review and extra practice pages, proofreading activities, tests in standardized test formats, and a convenient Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Handbook.
  • Teacher Editions: Provide detailed instruction, assessment plans, speaking activities, and strategies to help learners develop their English


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