• Spelling Connections®

    Language Arts, GRADES K–8 , American English

Comprehensive instruction on American English word spelling for Grades K–8.

Spelling Connections®

Spelling Connections®

Based on more than 30 years of research, Spelling Connections® teaches students spelling through meaningful practice activities, technology, and word sorting. Each level contains 36 week-long units designed to take around 15 minutes per day.

The course is highly structured and is organized into:

  • 30-word units at each level
  • Units divided into three steps: Unlock, Process, and Apply
  • Final sections in each unit which focus on review and assessment

A page-per-day over five days: everything you need to deliver effective instruction without the need for extensive planning and prep work.

Meaningful instruction and practice, including differentiated word sorts to promote higher-level skill development in thinking, phonics and vocabulary, reading, and writing

Spelling ConnectionsTM Components

Student Editions: Allow students to practice spelling through meaningful activities, technology, and word sorting.

Teacher Editions: Include exible 3- to 5-day lesson plans with clear instructions


Student Materials

Student resources

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Student Editions