• Crossover Intro & Plus

    Hilda Curwen, Marian Day, Susana Pontón

    Secondary and Middle school, 4 levels, American English

The series that helps students to appreciate the world outside the classroom.

Crossover Intro & Plus

Crossover Plus

Crossover Intro & Plus promote the acceptance of all cultures, socioeconomic situations, ages, races, opinions, and beliefs. A respect for life, dignity, and the rights of others are also key themes, as well as a focus on modern-day global issues such as the environment and technology.

Crossover Plus provides a solid foundation for language development, with plenty of opportunities for teenage learners to express their opinions.

Stimulating independent thinking and meaningful learning through:

  • A broad variety of content and literature topics
  • Comprehensive treatment of grammar and functions
  • Continuous opportunities for project work
  • A full English-English glossary with translation
  • Stimulating Reader texts present language in context and lead to meaningful practice.
  • Units provide students with detailed language input relating to each topic. The Reading page contains while-reading and after-reading questions to encourage students to engage with the text.
  • Language Focus activities encourage students to work out for themselves—and then practice—new language points.
  • Vocabulary tips and activities help students remember new language.
  • Listening comprehension activities and tips focus on areas of pronunciation that Spanish-speaking students have difficulty with.
  • English in Use activities encourage students to notice and then use the language functions present in the listening text.
  • The Writing page helps to develop basic writing skills with plenty of tips and strategies.
  • The Cross-Curricular page provides a different text that promotes further discussion.
Crossover Online

The virtual learning environment that includes:

  • Tools for teachers to interact with students and monitor their progress

  • Digital books for interactive whiteboards

  • interactive activities for practice and consolidation

  • Digitalized teacher’s guide customizable monthly planners, an exam generator, and a question bank

  • Online practice for Cambridge PET exam

    Delivered through Conecta Digital


Student Materials

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