• Little Trails

    Nicole Michaels

    Preschool, 3 levels, American English

Helping preschool students to enjoy using English as they develop basic communicative skills.

Little Trails

Little Trails

Little Trails helps learners develop their skills and explore language through fun activities. Enjoyment and engagement are key as students are guided from controlled to freer practice.

Follow the trails and find:

  • Entertaining topics
  • Fun songs and stories
  • Communicative activities
  • Creative group projects and cutouts
  • Review games for consolidation
  • Full-color Activity Book with engaging illustrations and photographs.
  • Age-appropriate prewriting activities.
  • Simple cutout pages for vocabulary practice and games.
Little Trails Online

Multimedia resources make learning more fun for young learners:

  • Digital books for interactive whiteboards

  • Lots of additional interactive activities

  • Downloadable Teacher’s Resources

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Student Materials

Student resources

For Students at each level

Student’s Book & CD, Power Pad