• Trails Plus

    Zoë Tysoe, Nicole Michaels, Jeremy Edgar, Eloise Vivanco

    Primary, 6 levels, American English

An exciting new way to explore English.

Trails Plus

Trails Plus

With a focus on natural social interaction, critical thinking skills, and a syllabus where language is constantly recycled, Trails Plus encourages an active role in the learning process. The series achieves this through individual, pair, group, and project work.

Taking primary students through levels A1 and A2 with a focus on:

  • Learning through literature
  • Language patterns, sounds, and letters
  • Songs, games, and interactive activities
  • Group projects and a cross-curricular focus
  • Language Trail and Learning Trail pages provide controlled and freer practice presented in the context of the Reader.
  • Lively images that children can relate to.
  • The Trails Plus Reader presents new Language within familiar and academic contexts.
Trails Plus Online

A virtual learning environment for students and teachers:

  • Interact with your students and monitor their progress online

  • Use Digital Books on interactive whiteboards

  • Provide extra interactive activities

  • Online practice for Cambridge Starters, Movers, and Flyers exams

  • Digitalized teacher’s book plus an exam generator and a question bank

    Delivered through Conecta Digital


Student Materials

Student resources

For Students at each level
  • Student’s Book
  • Workbook with Multi-ROM
  • Reader