• Key Arts & Crafts

    Primary, 6 levels, American & British English

Covers all the key content areas for the arts curriculum from grades 1 to 6.

Key Arts & Crafts

Key Arts & Crafts

Give young learners an enjoyable route into English, with themes that become more complex through the levels. From My Body, Animals, and Landscapes, to The Start of a New Era, Art Geniuses, and Advancing in Time, Key Arts & Crafts follows the changing interests and skills of your students.

The series supports both successful learning and teaching through:

•An emphasis on communication
•Clearly structured progression
•Constant recycling and consolidation
•A variety of activity types

Practical and dynamic activities keep students engaged.

Music and art are combined to help students explore the topics

Key Arts & Crafts Online

Additional resources, including multimedia:

  • Digital books for interactive whiteboards at every level

  • Downloadable holiday worksheets

    Delivered through UDP Online


Student Materials

Student resources

For Students at each level

Student’s Book